Few days ago, I shot a single roll of expired Kodachrome 64, the new last Kodachrome 64, and quickly developed it (don’t ask how) to find with great amazement that it actually did work !! No external meters, no tripods, no test shots with digital, but entire roll kept without a single frame thrown away ! Something rings a bell ?? Go see Steve McCurry’s last roll of Kodachrome ..

Here they are below – simple snaps at a remote location, off the beaten track and next door to the “South African outback”, which i find dead ringers to the Australian outback. Two cameras .. Some L/R cropping for 1:1. And the focus point should be elsewhere in some of the frames ..

Like or laugh, but be nice now – I simply love, will always love Kodachrome 64 !








Searching for Moriyama

Inspired by Daido Moriyama and in attempt to arrive at something acceptable in B&W, which i like, i opted for a more “gentle Moriyama” look – milder in the technique / render, than in the subject matter – nothing much can be really xeon here in post.. I went out and then came back in – in the winter days of summer here and in the winter far north, in Vienna. And I am by now losing hope that we’ll ever have the rain stop this summer here ..

Selected few shots from this study, are included below. Unnamed at this point, but will have names one sunny day, pun intended. Cameras used were iPhone 5, Leica Minilux and Lomo LC-A – the film bodies loaded with Provia 400X.

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