The longest roll

This must be the longest roll i’ve ever shot – it stayed in the camera  (Leica Minilux) the entire winter, few months – slowly advancing in it. This film, the strange and wonderful Ferrania Solaris 200 FG+, no longer in production and no longer available on ebay – had expired in early 2010, but was kept frozen until my delivery (?) and after i got it. Warmth, earth, nostalgia – are the words that come to mind to describe this film.

Images are from Cape Town, Braamfontein / Constitutional Hill / Hillbrow, the obligatory Everard Reed gallery images, Troyeville – the proximity to and Cape Town itself, is alone one compelling reason to  remain around a bit longer .. 

Here’s the roll, scanned on a Canon 9000F. Summer – Winter 2014

The longest roll 3 The longest roll 4 The longest roll 5 The longest roll 6 The longest roll 7 The longest roll 8 The longest roll 9 The longest roll 10 The longest roll 11 The longest roll 12 The longest roll 13 The longest roll 14 The longest roll 15 The longest roll 16 The longest roll 17 The longest roll 18 The longest roll 19 The longest roll 20 The longest roll 21 The longest roll 22 The longest roll 23 The longest roll 24 The longest roll 25 The longest roll 26 The longest roll 27 The longest roll 28 The longest roll 29



Few days ago, I shot a single roll of expired Kodachrome 64, the new last Kodachrome 64, and quickly developed it (don’t ask how) to find with great amazement that it actually did work !! No external meters, no tripods, no test shots with digital, but entire roll kept without a single frame thrown away ! Something rings a bell ?? Go see Steve McCurry’s last roll of Kodachrome ..

Here they are below – simple snaps at a remote location, off the beaten track and next door to the “South African outback”, which i find dead ringers to the Australian outback. Two cameras .. Some L/R cropping for 1:1. And the focus point should be elsewhere in some of the frames ..

Like or laugh, but be nice now – I simply love, will always love Kodachrome 64 !







Postcards from Heaven, Part 1

Cape Town. Milnerton – Table View. Camps Bay. Table Mountain. Hout Bay. Twelve Apostles Hotel. Paternoster. Leica Minilux. Ektar 100. Lomography X-Pro 100. Both at Box Speed. Standard C41. Some detail lost in Canon 9000F scanning.

Some of the daylight photos below .. The Leica was designated to all slow films and daylight, while the Nikon shot the ISO400 films, and mostly at dusk and night. The iPhone was dancing in between for some amazingly good results – all to come in part 2 ..

On with the imagery ..

Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0003 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0004 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0005 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0007 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0009 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0011 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0020 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0021 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0022 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0023 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0029 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0031 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0032 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0034 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0038 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0040 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0041 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0042 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0044 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0045 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0050 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0052 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0053 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0055 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0056 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0058 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0066 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0073 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0007 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0008 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0010 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0011 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0019 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0029 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0032 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0001 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0005 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0014

Need to start using fill flash again – see image below – just that it is such pain to control flash modes on the Minilux ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0016

The Leica would occasionally miss the desired focus point in the frame, as in the shot below (as well as the sushi shot above), and i think I’m not going to sweat about it – I’m going manual focussing for all closeups / shallow DOF frames from now on ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0017 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0024

Hold on ! The Table View wind is real ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0033 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0035

Searching for Moriyama

Inspired by Daido Moriyama and in attempt to arrive at something acceptable in B&W, which i like, i opted for a more “gentle Moriyama” look – milder in the technique / render, than in the subject matter – nothing much can be really xeon here in post.. I went out and then came back in – in the winter days of summer here and in the winter far north, in Vienna. And I am by now losing hope that we’ll ever have the rain stop this summer here ..

Selected few shots from this study, are included below. Unnamed at this point, but will have names one sunny day, pun intended. Cameras used were iPhone 5, Leica Minilux and Lomo LC-A – the film bodies loaded with Provia 400X.

Image 30 29 28 26 24 23 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

The Silence of Absences, 2013

The camera matters not .. What matters are the absences and their light.

IMG_1488 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0017 IMG_1666 IMG_1689 IMG_1790 IMG_1801 IMG_1813 IMG_1907 IMG_1917 IMGP0345 IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMGP0546 IMGP0575


Every image above is in edition of 3 only. Price is $10 per image. Upon successful payment, you will receive an email containing a hi res image (6.5 – 7.5M, ±3000p on the long size) and a certificate of ownership. You can view this image anywhere electronically, but should not print / distribute more than 1 physical copy. Print size is not limited, and is entirely up to you, however, note that some of the images will not look very well when printed bigger than 6 x 8″. Further details upon formal email request.

Thank you for having a look !

The fridge is full of film! Dec 2013

My WOW factor is so high at this very moment, that i decided to quickly post this here and share my excitement with you! And i was getting  increasingly worried about my other blog which started doing funny things with the reds in images upon upload ..

Here is the first roll in my recently acquired (and owned by someone before) – Lomo LC-A, from a wonderful shop full of old cameras in Sofia, close to Orlov Most. I actually bought this camera for my daughter, who in fact is an accomplished writer already, and is going to probably toss this wonderful thing off, and forever forget about it, like she did with all the “equipment” i gave her to “become me” ;-). So lets roll forward ..

When i put in a 400 ASA film (which was destined to be x-proed later), i didn’t give it much of a thought – very fast film in a very manual and limited controls camera. I soon had a numb feeling when the sun came out (finally!) here and i saw major overexposures in my sinking heart. And then of course the expected and dreaded, but also loved crazy colour shifts coupled with a wild Lomo rendering – as all evidence suggested by the owners of Lomo. Well .. lo and behold – i could not believe how “right” and as desired the results came out ! Was it the film? It surely has something to offer – my favourite slide film presently. Was it the camera ? I rarely get >55 – 75% keepers off a spool, here –  a straight >90 % (!). Do i like the results ? You bet ! There is this “velvet sharpness” in the images – the lens i guess, the “black” in the shadows – as i like it, the extra contrast  coming though – a sure sign of slide film .. And with this fully manual operation camera – there is this forcing you to think the composition, to move and consider the front and back, the focal point – and all has to be fast, happening  simultaneously. You cannot rely anymore on the AF in the middle of the frame, which i happen to increasingly like.

The technical side of images below : exposure set to Auto. Focus .. well, flip between the 4 options and pray .. No extra light (fill flash) of any sort. All hand held and a very odd experience of “watch it dude, this thing is going to blur it all or not shoot at all” .. Post processing – shadow lift and straightening only in few frames and then downsizing all, with very slight sharpening, very little of it. Film was developed in my fav lab down in Cresta – they know me by now, but I did not have issues from day 1 – it’s apparently the machine which won’t let them use weak developers and all ..

The fridge is full of film .. not much space left for food. When friends visit and open it they laugh.. I show them my “six pack” under my ribs, which i got miraculously back since i replaced food and beer with films in the fridge 😉

So, here they are – the bigger part of the spool, except for duplicates and discards. At 1200p – for you zoom investigations .. And I already loaded another – in this russian (USSR) black thing, which you wonder if it ever shoots at all at the click sound, and then you occasionally forget to forward the film 😉

Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0036 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0035 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0031 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0029 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0028 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0027 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0025 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0023 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0022 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0019 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0018 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0017 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0016 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0013 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0011 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0008 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0005 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0004 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0002The fridge is full of film! Dec 2013