A thought on beauty ..

As it is in Life as it is in Art

Came across this :

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful”

This was linked to a obviously very expensive and well designed place for eating out.. So much hogwash so much rubbish !!

1. Beauty is outside, created by others who may not even know how happy they are making you by the virtue of having “to do it” ! Unless you create beauty which makes you cry and makes other very happy but see 3 below

2. Beauty is not from within, e.g. by being nice to yourself, it is from the senses, triggered from outside – “what you are offered to eat, not how hungry you are”.. And it is a very very subjective matter, although i believe in objectivity of art and that Mona Lisa is a school painting and that Rhine of whoever – the most expensive photographs in the world as of today – is a joke of mega proportions

3. The less you were worried about beauty then – when you were a teen – the simpler the beauty is for you to understand and label it beauty and art, and you are likely to tell rubbish about appreciating yourself in order to tell art and beauty..

4. After all 3 above you need something which i cannot qualify – you need something in order to appreciate beauty, whatever and whenever beauty is. Many people are operated and the “beauty sensing organ” is removed.

Nah said
Flame me now hard, i got my special suit on ..


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