Braking the rules

Here are a few images of how digital (small sensor ones) cameras should not be shot : underexposed, “pushed”, with no details in the shadows .. I am thinking that if my film bodies loaded with some real Ektachrome / Elitechrome or even, dear loved one in Heaven now – Kodachrome 64 – did not allow me to come up with exactly this crushing of things obscure, i’d have stopped shooting film / slides and opted for the almost any digital, and the right tools ..

Few images below from my rediscovered with love LX5 : All at EV-1, MF zone focused at F4.0, metered for the light / highlight (veryyy wroooong, i hear some say) and then metering locked .. So i’ve shot them to the left. I always shoot my digital cameras to the left – always believing that they severely overexpose at default – at least some of them and to my eyes.

See if you can quickly tell where this is ..

P1060588 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060589 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060591 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060593 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060603 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060607 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060609 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060610 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060620 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060628 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060633 C1+ptl Ektachrome P1060654 C1+ptl Ektachrome


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