A X100S summer – Ektachrome E100GX in digital

Few (new) images from a camera i begin to love way too much and a house i want to, but cannot unlove ..

10 Dec Update :

The very latest E100GX processing – Goodbye Kodachrome, Hello Ektachrome!

X1005162, 100022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005164, 80022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005165, 160022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005166, 250022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005168, 500022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005170, 100022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005171, 250022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005179, 640022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005180, 500022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005184, 640042014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005190, 500022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005191, 640022014 ASE Ektachrome E100GX X1005186, 640042014 400X from RAW


6 responses to “A X100S summer – Ektachrome E100GX in digital

  1. I like the second last image from the bottom – the juxtaposition of the bare bonsai against the green plants outside, as well as the similar shades of brown with the painting, makes for a good picture,

  2. Thanks Angelina – now it’s the last one 😉 I updated this post with possibly best i have achieved on X100S images, or anything – when trying to come closest to a fine Ektachrome scan .. Studied many, i feel I’m there, and will not spend more time refining the look further ..

  3. Dear Bill, I am a huge fan of your work, especially the latest polaroid collection! I am busy re-furbishing a flat and would love to use some of your pieces!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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