X100S shooting some Provia 400X

This is mainly for all out there who shot or still shoot Provia 400X and then develop it in E6 or C41 – I’m so super awaiting your comments! You be the judge .. I like 400X in my X100.. This is the best i could come up with to match the results of the real Provia 400X when shot in my Leica Minilux and Nikon 28Ti – at EV0 and box speed.

Fuji digital shooting Fuji reversal .. Could this be the one last step to boarding the analogue Dreamliner .. With a business class seat ? I’ll let you know when the initial excitement settles

Till next time

2014 Aug 3, Braamfontein in WInter, X1003967 400X 2014 Aug, Braamfontein in Winter (X100S) 16 400X 2014 Jun 30, Brixton in Winter, X1003384 400X 2014 Jun 30, Brixton in Winter, X1003443 400X X1002248, EBP 3250p 400X X1002260, EBP 3250p 400X X1002351, EBP 3250p 400X X1004377, ISO6400, F2, S0.066667, Oct 2014 400X