Mayfair and Brixton in Winter

On the way home from the client .. driving through my new fav route. Stopping next to a park and looking around before getting out of the car ;-| Two guards passing by. They insist on posing for me in front of a school which is falling apart .. What a place, what a beautiful derelict ..

M&B Monochrome 1

M&B Monochrome 2

M&B Monochrome 3

M&B Monochrome 4

M&B Monochrome 5 M&B Monochrome 6

M&B Monochrome 7

M&B Monochrome 8

M&B Monochrome 9

M&B Monochrome 10

M&B Monochrome 11

M&B Monochrome 12


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