Mayfair and Brixton in Winter

On the way home from the client .. driving through my new fav route. Stopping next to a park and looking around before getting out of the car ;-| Two guards passing by. They insist on posing for me in front of a school which is falling apart .. What a place, what a beautiful derelict ..

M&B Monochrome 1

M&B Monochrome 2

M&B Monochrome 3

M&B Monochrome 4

M&B Monochrome 5 M&B Monochrome 6

M&B Monochrome 7

M&B Monochrome 8

M&B Monochrome 9

M&B Monochrome 10

M&B Monochrome 11

M&B Monochrome 12


Northcliff Ridge in winter

A quick trip in the last days of winter, and in the coldest and most crispy weekend so far, offers an opportunity to capture images, which can nicely fit in the 50s – 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s, with their imperfection and triviality and also with their defying of the time and place constraint .. At least i perceive them as such after having seen 100s of original monochrome images from then.

So up here – few from this single roll in my much loved (and very imperfect) Leica Minilux.

1 3




8 9

2 6

The longest roll

This must be the longest roll i’ve ever shot – it stayed in the camera  (Leica Minilux) the entire winter, few months – slowly advancing in it. This film, the strange and wonderful Ferrania Solaris 200 FG+, no longer in production and no longer available on ebay – had expired in early 2010, but was kept frozen until my delivery (?) and after i got it. Warmth, earth, nostalgia – are the words that come to mind to describe this film.

Images are from Cape Town, Braamfontein / Constitutional Hill / Hillbrow, the obligatory Everard Reed gallery images, Troyeville – the proximity to and Cape Town itself, is alone one compelling reason to  remain around a bit longer .. 

Here’s the roll, scanned on a Canon 9000F. Summer – Winter 2014

The longest roll 3 The longest roll 4 The longest roll 5 The longest roll 6 The longest roll 7 The longest roll 8 The longest roll 9 The longest roll 10 The longest roll 11 The longest roll 12 The longest roll 13 The longest roll 14 The longest roll 15 The longest roll 16 The longest roll 17 The longest roll 18 The longest roll 19 The longest roll 20 The longest roll 21 The longest roll 22 The longest roll 23 The longest roll 24 The longest roll 25 The longest roll 26 The longest roll 27 The longest roll 28 The longest roll 29

Short film of Johannesburg from 1970/1

Johannesburg 1912 - Suburb by suburb research

I came across this short film (more of a silent documentary set to music really) by Alan Michael Levy posted on You Tube. It’s an interesting look back in time to Johannesburg in the early 70s. Although filmed a few years before I was born, I do remember the black & white TJ number plates, some of the old cars and those cooling towers in Newtown that were eventually demolished in 1985.

Here are the songs featured on the film. They appear to have been updated from the original soundtrack done by Nick Taylor:

Amy Macdonald – The days of being young and free

Four Jacks & a Jill – Master Jack

Paul Simon – Graceland

Four Jacks & a Jill is the only period & South African song here. It was released in 1968 and reached #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as going to #1…

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Full Moon in Bergsig

Now, that my super moon shoot is fast turning into a major flop – with all the clouds above and anaemic attempts for rain the whole day, i stumbled upon the previous full moon shoot – in the wonderful Bergsig ! Bergsig, with the happy, never (to be) transported giraffes ..

Here, I again prefer the B&W versions, these just bring the memory of winter light under this crazy bright moon – better to me – the monochromes are more of how it really was ..

Few images from a Paradise in the north – Fuji X100S until the battery died suddenly on me .. From there on – iPhone 5

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 20

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 19

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 18

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 17

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 15

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 14

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 13

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 12

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 11

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 10

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 9

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 8

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 7

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 6

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 5

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 4

OK .. here some colour ..

2014 July, Full Moon in Africa 3