MPro brings joy

Today i bought MPro for my iPhone and took few shots around .. Already moved Hueless away (to the last screen), and ticked cancelled on the list the acquisition of yet another camera – the Ricoh GRD IV – after seeing the results from MPro ! Not to mention that the (crazy) idea of B&W film and the turning one of the rooms here to a darkroom for pushing HP5+ or Tri-X – is now effectively cancelled too ! And how about if i lusted after a M9 Monochrome 😉

The few below are only sharpened and some grain added for a Tri-X type of look .. i should actually increase the size of the grain even further .. Im still getting to grips with the colour filter of choice, but one thing is clear at this point – the contrast slider loves the top / very near top position!

I feel that It’s all about immediacy and instant reward + the best camera is the camera with you scenario – i know below can be achieved in PP, yet, the instant result (the 90% shoot and 10% PP) is rather a rewarding experience and at times – feeling my heart with joy. It’s like .. no it IS the opposite to a constant search for this look, the spending of hours in front of screen with tools .. And yes, there is not much DR or grey gradation  in these images and fine detail / micro detail could be very little .. The latter is something i sort of like ..

Do you shoot (a lot) monochrome in camera ?

IMG_7335 IMG_7342 IMG_7345 IMG_7271 IMG_7291 IMG_7304 IMG_7331


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