Fujifilm X100S RAFs souped in RPP

It has been a long time since anything has seen light here. This post i see as a second beginning ..

X100S raws processed in RPP using a custom preset. Subsequent LR finishing included defringe, denoise, sharpening and pull / lift only. The colour, contrast, the whole render here – all courtesy of the wonderful RPP ! This time no zipper / edge jaggies noted anywhere in edges in the large outputs

X100S is firmly establishing itself as the night photography body, which brings about the idea of shooting some film in daylight, until end of this (very odd for me) year ! Film during day, X100S – at night ..

Few images to illustrate the results as of recent. Going to the office via Brixton and Mayfair before dawn can be fun..

X1003818 X1003829

X1003830 X1003832 X1003842 X1003843 X1003803


X1003807 X1003810 X1003812




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