Full moon in District 9

April 2015 .. 2 am. The year of darkness, The Prawns have returned in May last year and are here to stay .. Tonight they have a party at Medupi and Kusile which they’ve taken over recently and ravished while looking for booze, drugs and cans of food. They have also destroyed the boilers there, apparently to return them as scrap metal – according to an independent and foreign source.

All electricity generation has seized, it’s now dark everywhere. Eskom refuses all this anything but a malicious DA attack , and demands that we switch off the geysers, the fridges and the pool pumps  – they insist we are using too much electricity, for which we are paying way too little .. Load shedding is a cherished memory of good past times – tonight there is no load left to shed .. But .. tonight is full moon and we have some light !

See for yourselves ..




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