A roll of (underexposed) Kodachrome 2014 ..

Here we go again .. The previous workflow (with some random success) to achieve somehow the very missed Kodachrome render truthfully (not that Velvia 50 is not missed too) are now abandoned and focus is on a new workflow involving the wonderful (for X100S) Raw Photo Processor or RPP (Thanks Andrey) ! So what changed since .. Or how to get to some seriously dark Kodachrome, the opposite of what it actually should be / was .. No special theme below, no claim for Photography whatsoever – rather a quick test for a  roll of film, at twilight, in the beginning of fall ..

Exposure. Shoot the X100S under, at EV-2/3 (EV-1 to -1.66 when flash used and background bright). RAW only. WB, DR set to Auto, floating ISO with max set at 6400 – most of the shots below were handheld, and therefore at ISO 6400

Demosaic. As indicated, as of this “roll” it is RPP in place of C1, for some measured and observed advantages, at least for the X100S. Exposure only slightly adjusted, thus leaving the images relatively darker to what they are / can be

Finishing. Pull processing of TIFF inputs! NR and sharpening only at this stage

Basically the opposite of what one should do with this type of film .. But if the K-14 processing is miraculously revived to stay, and KR64 back on the shelves, i know, my first roll I shoot will be underexposed and shot in lower light and with lots of green and red in the frames ! So i can get some blue in too 😉  

Very seriously considering only a single “contact sheet” in further posts, sort of a helicopter view of a shoot, with no separate images, unless requested and begged 😉 And the shadows and darks are really crushed in this size / format – individual images at >800p are not that dark and have sufficient details in the shadows for me.

This is post will test this new idea .. And here it is – a single contact sheet ..




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