Postcards from Heaven, Part 1

Cape Town. Milnerton – Table View. Camps Bay. Table Mountain. Hout Bay. Twelve Apostles Hotel. Paternoster.┬áLeica Minilux. Ektar 100. Lomography X-Pro 100. Both at Box Speed. Standard C41. Some detail lost in Canon 9000F scanning.

Some of the daylight photos below .. The Leica was designated to all slow films and daylight, while the Nikon shot the ISO400 films, and mostly at dusk and night. The iPhone was dancing in between for some amazingly good results – all to come in part 2 ..

On with the imagery ..

Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0003 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0004 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0005 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0007 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0009 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0011 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0020 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0021 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0022 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0023 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0029 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0031 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0032 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0034 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0038 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0040 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0041 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0042 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0044 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0045 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0050 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0052 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0053 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0055 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0056 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0058 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0066 Ektar 100 Scan-140125-0073 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0007 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0008 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0010 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0011 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0019 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0029 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140124-0032 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0001 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0005 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0014

Need to start using fill flash again – see image below – just that it is such pain to control flash modes on the Minilux ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0016

The Leica would occasionally miss the desired focus point in the frame, as in the shot below (as well as the sushi shot above), and i think I’m not going to sweat about it – I’m going manual focussing for all closeups / shallow DOF frames from now on ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0017 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0024

Hold on ! The Table View wind is real ..

Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0033 Lomo X-Pro 100 Scan-140125-0035