The Silence of Absences, 2013

The camera matters not .. What matters are the absences and their light.

IMG_1488 Fuji 400X in Lomo LC-A Scan-131217-0017 IMG_1666 IMG_1689 IMG_1790 IMG_1801 IMG_1813 IMG_1907 IMG_1917 IMGP0345 IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMGP0546 IMGP0575


Every image above is in edition of 3 only. Price is $10 per image. Upon successful payment, you will receive an email containing a hi res image (6.5 – 7.5M, ±3000p on the long size) and a certificate of ownership. You can view this image anywhere electronically, but should not print / distribute more than 1 physical copy. Print size is not limited, and is entirely up to you, however, note that some of the images will not look very well when printed bigger than 6 x 8″. Further details upon formal email request.

Thank you for having a look !


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