The Window, Sofia Art Gallery, 2005

I could not help it but share with you (since you are here now) this wonderful exhibit, which i attended in Sofia, possibly during my first visit back to this can-be-wonderful city, where my heart stayed behind when i left in 1991 .. It was named “The Window” and featured works by XX century fine art masters from Bulgaria – some big names in there

The selected works here, which i scanned recently, represent the works i particulalrly liked there, works which capture so well the light of Sofia : winter light, nightlight, the city light in general – the way i recall it in the 80s, and even in the late 70s, the way i want it to be when i go back one day ..

I can write pages on the works below, but i will not – over to the works to do the talking ..

Finally, keep mouse over image to see image title and details ..

Andrei Daniel, Winter Night in Sofia, 1984, Oil on canvas, 100x100 Dimitar Tomov, %22Mladost II suburb%22, 1986-1987, Oil on Canvas, 85-100 Dinko Stoev, Window, circa 1986, Oil on board, 100x120 Emil Stoichev, Nocturnal Diary, 1986, Oil on canvas, 160x130 Lilyana Rouseva, Evening, 1989, Oil on canvas, 100.5-92 Mariana Marinova, Blue Evening in Sofia, 1987, Tempera on canvas, 110x130Naiden Petkov, Window, circa 1975, Oil on canvas, 130x81Nedko Solakov, Every Evening at Six Sharp, 1982, Oil on canvas, 46x61Nikolai Alexiev, Collette, 1982, Oil on board, 44x34Nikolai Alexiev, Models, 1983, Oil on board, 73x92Svetlin Rousev, View from the Studio Window, 1977, Oil on board, 130x96Vihroni Popnedelev, A Workers Bus, 1982, Oil on canvas, 110x170Yordan Katsamounski, In the Studio I, 1976, Oil on canvas, 106x151Yordan Katsamounski, Interior, 1980, Oil on canvas, 97x130Zhecho Dounev, Window in Paris, Oil on canvas, 105x69.5Bencho Obreshkov, Still-life With Fish, Oil on canvas, 58.5-69Ivan Nenov, Balcony with Viaduct, 1936, Oil on board, 125x91


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