Selected Oils, 1984 – 1987

An incidental encounter with A. Penev, and his “request” that i went back in the studio and paint and leave photography aside, led to my scanning of few of the oils which i completed in the 80s, mostly in the 1986 – 1987. I recall a fine summer day late in the 80s, when Drago came to my studio with a camera and shot what i managed to collect back then and what i had on me in the studio, dried long time ago (some 10-15 works had gone at this point – vanished with their respective owners).

So, i found the actual pictures of the works buried in the cellar, in a box with other nostalgia, and promptly rescanned them to their original look (some of these were still with me in the recent years, so i vividly recall their look). I would have done differently these works today, and in some cases correcting obvious mistakes in colour and light sources and the like. It is “too late now” .. I may go ahead and redo some of these as i see them today, or i may leave them as they were then .. I don’t know ..

No names – don’t recall their names today, except for few – see each file name. Most of the works below are sold, some sold here, in South Africa, one or two were given as a present.

So, while i deal with awaken memories now, you can have a look – the way of the brush then, the humble attempt to be me ..


No Name 1

No Name 2.1 No Name 2.2 No Name 2.3 No Name 2.4

No Name 3 No Name 4 No Name 5 No Name 6 No Name 10 No Name 11 No Name 7No Name 13The Blowup

The Mirror Trader below was done together with Julian Ilkov (“Bai Hui”), while in the army, in my studio there – he added few strokes in the man’s face if i recall correctly .. We did few other works together, don’t have images of those though.

The Mirror Trader

Finally, something in black .. I wish i had done more in black then and that i do more now .. The “now” can still be corrected ..

Leving it All Behind I, 1986, Charcoal

Leaving it All Behind I, 1986, Charcoal on board, property of IB


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